The impact of the intercourse on the potency

Sex is an important part of the human’s nature and culture. That’s why its presence or absence in the life might have a certain effect on the organism. A regular intercourse is an essential condition, which helps support and maintain the sexual potency and attraction.

Why is it so? As all the other body muscles in the organism, the genitals also need to be trained. A regular sex is the best training. Without it, the muscles get atrophied. The same thing happens to the genitals.

When the genitals are inactive, the blood circulation to the small pelvis worsens, which leads to the low transportation of the nutritive materials and the oxygen. Bad blood circulation can also lead to the stagnancy, while the latest provokes such illnesses as prostatitis and the bacterial diseases of the genital system.

It is required keeping in mind several security measures if your regular intercourse can be with various partners because it can provoke the start of different infectious diseases. Each of us has his own microflora of bacteria. It means that if the intercourse is with a permanent partner, those bacteria get accustomed to each other, and the organism is ready for a particular set of germs. At the same time, the promiscuity increases the possibility of the situation when the organism is not able to manage the unknown microorganisms. And this is a nice ground for the start of the infectious diseases of the urogenital apparatus, which also provoke the lowering of the potency.

You should not forget that the sexual potency physiologically depends on the intercourse. The people in the sexual relations are less liable to stress and more cheerful. The nice stimulus for the men’s potency is the words of approval from the woman about his abilities. It provokes the production of testosterone, which is a hormone, responsible for the sexual characters and sexual potency of a man.

If the situation is opposite – a woman shows dissatisfaction; it might significantly lower the potency. In the bad cases, it can even become a reason of the impotence.