Frequently Asked Questions

What brand name medicines and generic medications can I buy on your site?

Feel free to find Viagra and its generics on our site. You may order Sildenafil, Cialis, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and their generics on our site as well. So, don’t lose this amazing opportunity.

What are generic medications? Do they have the same effect as branded drugs?

To put it shortly, yes. They’ve got the exact same effect as branded drugs. Generic medications differ from branded drugs only in form, color, price, and name. Thanks to the fact that there is no patent for the chemical agent used in Viagra and other pills, other manufacturers can also produce similar drugs. They are usually cheaper and branded under a different name. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. They come as generic medicines.

According to the research, generic medicines trigger the same effect as brand drugs. So opting for generic medicines of ultimate quality on our site, you’ve got a great chance to save hundreds of bucks in the long run. The best part of it? The desired effect is totally the same. However, you need to make sure you know and follow the needed instructions indicated by the health care manufacturer that produces the medicine you buy.

The price for generic products is always lower than for original medicine. Why?

Original medicine is higher in cost for consumers because of an amount the firm spends for research, promo campaigns and for brand name. Moreover, the expenditures for receiving the FDA approval in the US are too high nowadays. Generic medicine can be produced omitting all these costly procedures.  So, you can enjoy all the benefits of generic products without overpaying.

A brand name of medication ordered is differ from the original one, why?

This happens because there is no law that allows a manufacturer to rename, remove completely or replace a true chemical agent which already has a patent. In order to avoid misunderstandings and problems with a firm that has a patent for this chemical agent, producers of generic analogues need to change the name printed on the package, however, the main agent remains the same. Package covers and names on them, as well as the shape and color of the pills inside may vary. Thus, every drug manufacture of generics should receive a patent on a brand they produce; and this is treated as an intellectual property question. If a drug manufacturer of generic medication uses a stolen brand name or design, the firm will be accused of copyright violation. That is why generic drugs will always look different in order to do business on the market.

What are the guarantees that you offer a drug with the same chemical agent as the original one?

We are interested in providing high quality products only. The higher the quality, the more orders we receive. Medication quality we sell is the prime matter for as. Our suppliers are hand-picked and double-checked for pills contents and documentation. Our generics are licensed by Indian FDA and are produced in India under the government state law.

What is the maximum shelf life for your drugs?

The shelf life is 2 years from the manufacture date. The expiry date can be found on the blister of pills. It will always be different from package to package depending on actual product manufacture date.

Do I need a recipe to place my order?

Yes, some of our drugs require a prescription from your doctor. The support team representative will inform you if the law of a country you live in or order from needs a recipe for your medication to be shipped. And you will be asked to upload a valid document to your profile or send it via e-mail or live-chat.

We strongly recommend you to consult your physician, prior to ordering, to be sure that the medicine you are about to order, is the one you need. Please, contact your physician before buying any medicine as only a doctor can tell what pills would be better for your condition.

What are the steps of placing my order?

IMPORTANT: The only resource we accept the orders is our website. We are not working by phone, email or other means of communication.

There are 5 easy steps:

  • Tap the “Buy now” button near your desired generic.
  • Choose the quantity you need.
  • Tap the “Checkout” button.
  • Fill in your shipment details.
  • Double-check all the fields again and click the “Submit transaction” button.

If all goes well, you will see the acceptance message on the screen. Next you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of transaction and that your order is accepted by our system and is processed by our team. If no e-mail received within 10-15 minutes, please contact us immediately, as without this automatic letter of confirmation our system may not see your order and the payment at all.

What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept all types of credit cards.

When the actual withdrawal of funds appears in my credit card balance?

The procedure of funds withdrawal is as follows:

  1. After pressing the “Submit transaction” button, the data is transmitted to our order processing department.
  2. At the order processing department the information you’ve entered is checked and the card is charged.
  3. When the transfer of funds is complete and authorized, your order is in approved status. This means that we are preparing your medicine for delivery.

Is it secure to enter my credit card credentials on your website?

Your personal information security is our obligation. Thus, all necessary steps for secureness are taken in full from our part. We use a redirect from the actual order page and a funds transferring one in order to ensure a safe transaction. The data you enter is encrypted by a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol when transmitted to our trusted credit card company in charge. Note that a secure page starts from “https:”  and has a green lock on the up left corner of your browser. Do not use sites without “s” at the end for transactions at all.

Our servers are checked by McAfee and WebSafe on a daily basis.

What is your loyalty program?

For more info about our benefits for returning customers, please, visit the “Shopping cart” page.

Do you have any restrictions by countries you shipped to?

We operate world wide. The only exception is several Asian countries due to their  restrictions in law.

From where the generics are shipped? Where the pills are sent from?

All the orders from our website are delivered to the customers from India, the manufacturing country.

Is it confident to order from you? Do I need to sign any documents in person to receive my medicine?

Your privacy is our credo. No signatures are required, your order will be left in your mail-box in a non-transparent package. The envelope is delivered by a Standard Mail.

Will my order be shipped the same day I purchase?

It usually takes 1-2 days for your order to be departed to you. Generics we sell are available in store  and are a subject for urgent shipment.

What are the delivery methods and the deadlines for an order to be received?

We use two the most fast and secure shipping methods:

  1. Express International Mail: the mail sent by them can be tracked via a tracking number. Note that we reserve the right not to use a tracking number when shipping our medicine. However, the delivery time will remain the same as in International Mail. We mostly do this when we need to ensure a delivery is successful when selling to European countries and Canada.
  2. Standard International Airmail: the mail sent by this postal service can NOT be tracked.
Shipping OptionRatesDeliveryTracking
Express International Mail *$305-9 business days AFTER THE DISPATCHyes
Standard International Airmail$1010-21 days AFTER THE DISPATCHno

* Express International Mail won’t be able to deliver your products if you enter a mail forwarding address (e.g. PO box, General delivery, Poste restante, UPS store, APO/FPO), hotels or educational institutions etc. as your primary shipping address. Please, enter only a valid phone number unless your order won’t be shipped too.

Remember that Standard air mail has certain restrictions and may be unavailable for some brand products. In such cases, the Express International Mail will deliver your purchase.

The delivery time you see in My Orders page is an approximate one. It may vary due to the force majeure situations and cannot be guaranteed but is true for most cases. Force majeure events are listed below.

Our company is not liable for the delays of any third party – both Express International Mail and Standard air mail.

We are not responsible for unexpected custom checks or inspections of mail by the International Mail.

We are not liable for the delays occurring due to the limited mail operating hours  in the time of celebrations, natural disasters, strikes, riots  and other such events. This is beyond our control.

What are your delivery rates?

The shipping charges vary depending on the quantity of the products ordered, the option you’ve picked as your chosen delivery method, and the country you live in. Add the medicine to your Shopping Cart and on the checkout page you will see the exact delivery charge for your order.

Can my order be delayed at customs?

In such a case you will be informed asap. In most cases, they will only do a double-check of your package. After that they will process your order and deliver it to you in a timely manner. For any concerns, delays in delivery or other issues with your purchase, contact our support team, and we will resolve the problem.

What if the envelope is damaged or/and something is missing?

Notify us immediately and be as precise as you can when describing a problem. You will get a refund or we will resend the items. More information on this can be found on our Policy page.

Orders with 90 or more pills will be sent separately in two or more packages.

What are the charges for the products reshipment?

Reshipment is free. No additional charges applied.