Which foods might improve the sexual potency?


The seafood contains plenty of zinc & selenium, which are the key substances able to influence on the sexual function of the males. Such seafood as flounder, mackerel, crawfish, shrimps, salmons, and squid are essential for the sexual health. Besides the vitamins and minerals, the fatty sea fish contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 – the indispensable fatty acids taking part in the testosterone generation.


Walnut, almond, pistachio, and pine nut are full of vitamins & minerals, vegetable protein, essential oils, and fibers. The abundant composition of nuts and the presence of great amount of arginine, which is an amino acid influencing on the blood circulation, have a positive effect on the erectile function. One of the effective folk remedies for the improvement of the sexual potency is the mixture of the nuts with the honey (there must be a walnut among them). The nuts might be pounded in order to reach the better and easier absorbency. It is necessary to take the substance four hours before sleep. The dosage is 2 teaspoons a day.


People have been aware of the positive influence of parsley on the sexual potency since the ancient times. The composition of parsley includes apigenin, which is a substance able to suppress the production of the woman’s sex hormones, which can reduce the generation of testosterone. Besides, parsley is a nice prophylactic remedy against prostatitis. Parsley, cilantro, onion, and spinach are not only organic complex of vitamins but also the vegetable analogs of the man’s sex hormones.


The egg is a wonderful product, which is rich in proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, and microelements. It isn’t advisable to consume raw eggs because their absorbency in a raw state is much worse and there are risks of catching microbes or salmonellas, which might be on the shell. The eggs contain cholesterol, which is necessary for the man’s organism as the building material for the sex hormones. If the amount of cholesterol gets lower, the amount of testosterone reduces correspondingly. However, the high level of cholesterol is also harmful. It gets deposited in the vessels, which might then lead to atherosclerosis and the vessels occlusion. The dietitians keep disputing about the number of eggs allowed for the consumption. Some of them claim that 2 eggs every 2 days are the maximum, while the others are sure that it is required eating them every day because the eggs contain a component, which regulates the cholesterol level and prevents the situation when it can exceed the norm.

Garlic & onion

Garlic and onion are able to intensify the blood circulation to the genitals, to activate the testosterone generation, to improve the men’s potency, and to work as a prophylactic remedy against prostatitis. Besides, they have an anti-bactericidal action helping the organism manage various bacterial diseases. Garlic and onion are rich in vitamins and minerals. Garlic also contains selenium, which is an important microelement for the man’s health. The action, which increases the sexual attraction, has made onion and garlic forbidden for the consumption in the monasteries.


In the ancient times, meat was the main source of man’s power. And it is not surprising because meat contains animal protein and amino acids, which are necessary for the man’s organism. However, there should be a certain limit of consumption as meat contains plenty of cholesterol and fats. Thus, uncontrollable consumption might lead to the obesity. It is better to eat fresh lean meat, for instance, chicken, rabbit, turkey, beef or veal.

Roots: celery & ginger

Celery & ginger are two root vegetables, which are able to improve the man’s health. Celery is useful for the males because it contains the man’s sex hormone androsterone, which is vital for the erectile function and the secondary sexual structures. Celery and ginger have all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the sexual potency in their compositions. They are also a prophylactic remedy against prostatitis. The most helpful parts of ginger and celery are their roots.

Oysters & mussels

Oysters contain the greatest amount of protein. Casanova, who was famous for his passion and amorousness, ate fifty oysters for breakfast. The useful action of the mussels is their ability to improve the erectile function because of the great amount of zinc in their composition. However, the latest research has shown that besides zinc, the mussels are rich in rare amino acids, which are able to activate the sex hormones generation. To maximize the effect, it is required eating raw oysters and mussels because any heat treatment leads to the loss of certain amino acids. The scientists claim that the biggest concentration of amino acids is found in the mussels caught in spring. It is connected with the fact that it is a period of the mussels’ active reproduction.