How can prostatitis influence the men’s potency?

Prostatitis is known as an inflammation of the prostate. There’re usually two main reasons for its development. The first one is the infection, while the second one is the congestion in the prostate. About 40% of men aged 40 or older have certain signs of prostatitis.

The first and most significant symptom is the difficult or painful urination. The second symptom of the disease is the lowering of the sexual potency. How can it develop? The risks of the impotence development are very low but prostatitis can have an impact on the quality and duration of the erection. Besides, prostatitis contributes to the fast ejaculation and the absence of the orgasm. All of these have a negative influence on the intercourse in general. Then the lack of satisfaction or the impossibility to make love longer can lead to the lowering of the sexual potency, which is also accompanied by the failures during the intercourse. It’s important to stop it in time starting the treatment of prostatitis and improving the potency.

What is the role of the prostate in the erection?

If you have chronic prostatitis, the cicatrices appear in the prostate, which can worsen the conductivity of the receptors responsible for the impulses provoking erection and ejaculation.

What is the role of the prostate in the hormones balance?

Recently there has been developed a theory that the prostate not just regulates the production of testosterone but also produces it itself. However, there are no proofs of it, which is why this is only a theory. Nevertheless, we know for sure the transformation of testosterone to its active form (called 5α-dihydrotestosterone) takes place in the prostate’s glands.

The conclusions are: prostatitis is able to do harm to the sexual potency and healthy sexual relations. That’s why if you have the slight signs of prostatitis it’s required consulting a urologist. Otherwise, the problem might get complicated and has a negative outcome.